Nasty Necessities: Our Holiday Survival Kit


“Not to be a total pessimist—resting bitchy face aside—but the “happiest time of the year” isn’t all holiday bonuses and open bars. Don’t get us wrong, we’re so down for getting decked out in faux fur and finding any excuse to drink more than the usual one (okay, two. FINE, three) glasses of wine, but between all the forced small talk and family drama, it’s literally impossible not to feel like you’re head’s going to explode (more on that later). So in the spirit of feeling sane, looking downright smokin’, and being prepared for the absolute worst (think spilling said wine on your bf’s mom’s brand new sweater), here’s how to navigate all the weird shit that goes down come December. Think of it as a first aid kit, except instead of band-aids, there’s booze (hashtag priorities). Cheers to stocking up on the essentials…”

Nasty Necessities: Our New Year’s Eve Survival Kit

3, 2, 1…

Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 12.48.43 AM.png

“We pop champagne on New Year’s to celebrate the year ahead, but this 31st we’re toasting to the end of the insane ride that’s been 2016 (RIP, forever and ever). Whether you’ve been telling everyone you want a “chill” New Year’s—whatever that means—or have plans to go out and all out, you probably want to look your best/prepare for at least a mild headache the morning after. We know you’re busy, so we rounded up the necessities for a night of cocktails and confetti. Get at us, 2017.”

Nasty Necessities: Our Spring Break Survival Kit

Everything you need for getting seriously wavvy.


“String bikinis, margaritas, and giant inflatable swans—the official summer pre-game is so close we can taste it. If a week of dancing your sunburnt ass off is any indication, Spring Break is the best. But don’t be fooled—the only “break” taking place is the one from reality. Whether you’re a punch-drunk rookie or a seasoned Spring Breaker, there are a few crucial items that make the difference between having a hot mess of a week that’s totally worth it and a hot mess of a week that’s totally not. We put together our list of essentials for a Spring Break worth remembering (even if remembering is just as difficult as scrubbing last night’s stamp off your wrist). Let’s dive in…”

Nasty Necessities: Our Road Trip Survival Kit

Get packing and gun it to 88.

“Ladies, it’s time for a good old-fashioned road trip, unique in its ability to show you the world for the cost of a full tank and a giant Coke. But since even the best trips can take a turn for the worse—like when you forget to pee after downing said Coke and can’t find another rest stop to save your life—we gathered the essentials for a bump-free drive.”